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Natural Remedies for Sleep? Sleeping Beauty and the Queen of Plant Extracts

Once upon a time the good fairies gave their blessings: “Your beauty will transcend mere physical form… you will be blessed with beautiful hair… radiant skin… shining eyes… quick wits… a balanced heart… patience… grace…. strength… humor… vitality… joy”…. And, after the shadow of death had been irrevocably cast, the final fairy stepped forward: “All your gifts you can keep, but half your life – you must sleep.”

No tall tales. Radiant natural beauty goes hand in hand with sleep. The perfect intelligence of our holistic being is such that, during the seemingly inert state of slumber, our bodies are restored, our daily baggage processed, and our energy replenished. In good wholesome sleep we maintain an optimum level of health that complements our interconnected being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And it shows.

While knock-out drugs deal with sleeplessness as a mere physical equation, natural remedies for sleep allow the essential balance of holistic intelligence to remain intact. This significant advantage to natural remedies has given rise to a whole range of choices that draw upon the healing properties of medicinal plants.

And pristine pure essential oils offer the purest intensity of a given plant’s active properties.

Tips for relaxation and restful slumber abound, but the bottom line is that pure essential oils have the edge over traditional natural remedies for insomnia, due to their superior capacity for absorption and integration. A herbal pill might seem straightforward and an infusion offers a certain element of ritual and comfort that complements relaxation for sleep, but, actually, the absorption of a given plant’s properties by digestion is significantly less effective than the direct route of scent: any aroma we detect at our nasal sensors is immediately transmitted to the brain for assimilation. Thus we have the most direct route to our nervous system and an array of natural responses that are triggered as a part of normal body process.

Therapeutic essential oils represent an evolution in the associated craft of aromatherapy. Grown, harvested and processed at a unique level of organic integrity, these are pure, medicinal-grade plant essences that are able to achieve seamless integration with desired physiological responses. They contain absolutely no impurities that would challenge the body’s healthy function and offer specific properties that can help sleeping by enhancing the body’s inbuilt pathways to restful sleep. And, thinking laterally beyond the immediate topic of the insomnia remedy, other healing qualities to help address the physical and mental conditions that are prone to inhibit relaxation for sleep.

What this means in practical terms is that, instead of the generally low impact of a standard natural remedy for insomnia, a professional blend of pure essential oils with calming and sedative properties offers a potent alternative.